Coach Shrinks
Season 3, Episode 33
Air date October 21, 2000
Written by Jennifer Pertsch
Directed by Brian Lee
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Coach Shrinks is the seventh episode of the third season.


George makes an effort to help Becky's struggling hockey team (which hasn't scored all season) to score a goal.


  • This is the only appearance of Lizzy, Helga, and The Storks.
  • This marks the last appearance of the Fortevoce twins.


  • In the first shot of Helga at the goal, she is seen with her glasses on, but in the next shot, her glasses disappear.
  • On the second day that George teaches The Storks, when the team sprint up the ice with their skates and when Jimmy falls down, Becky's voice, "WHOA" can be heard, even when Becky didn't fall.


George Shrinks - Coach Shrinks25:58

George Shrinks - Coach Shrinks


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