George Shrinks (born 1990), age 10, is the protagonist of the series. George wakes up from a dream to discover he his small-- "Based on William Joyce's book, George Shrinks is an animated series about a boy who wakes up and discovers he's the size of a mouse"-- from PBS kids website; his golden plated baby shoes were extremely tiny seen in "Round Up The Usual Insects". Because of his small stature, George has had to invent his own adaptive devicees, most notably the Zooper car (a small vehicle which George built with his father, and which can be automatically transformed into an airplane, a helicopter, or a submarine). Another invention is a system of pneumatic tubes, which George also uses for transportation. He is voiced by Tracey Moore.

George has a 2-year-old brother, Junior Shrinks, a mother, Perdita Shrinks, and a father, Harold Shrinks. They are a loving family.

Uncommonly known fact- George R R Shrinks is actually a men lost in time. Hailing from the dastant future of 2069, George and his scentist boss junior Shrinks developed a serum of which inhabited, "The Shrinkinator 5000." It was then that the Libians attaked in their van filled with stolen 1950s propapaganda, killing Junior in cold blood after he tested his Shrinkinator on George himself. George shunk down, before prying the truth to his regrowth out of Junior's cold dead hands. He found aother invention of his, the time travelling DeLorean and he only had enouf power to go back one time. So he decided to travel before all of this happened to save his Scientist boss from his untimely demise. George couldn't reach the right numbers and accidentally travelled too far back, to a time when Junior was merely a child. George knew that his journy would be long and trying, but he had beening training his hole life. He must stick it out untill Jounir is old enough to remember what he did in the future cuz George has like a "You driving me crazy" hard drive with Jouinors memerios cuz he knew he was going to get killed by the Lybians. Not all Lybains hate George but the majority do. it has also been proven that George W shrinks can totally beat sturat little in a one on one fight to the death outside your local bodega at 7:30PM est.

Sincerely yours,

the ghost of Junioe Shrinks baybeeeee